Interested in getting to know me?

My name is Eydis Elliott. I am a 30-year-old sex worker, model, photographer, and entertainer, based in Minneapolis. When I'm not working, I am an avid equestrian, Pokémon nerd, and amateur photographer!

Horses are a true passion of mine! I used to compete in dressage at the regional level, and someday I hope to have my own successful breeding and training operation. I've lived all over the nation to pursue this passion; from a 4000-acre ranch in one of the Dakotas, to a small private barn in on the west coast, and a world-class facility in horse country, Florida. I'm not afraid of long days and getting my hands dirty! My animals are my life; I have my young horse Casper, my old retired mare Danz, a crazy smart lab x GSD pup named Pilot, and a lil black kittycat named Feynman. I also keep a saltwater fish tank!

I am an unapologetic nerd, with a special emphasis on Pokémon, and enjoy meeting folks at conventions! I usually play games on my Switch or DS, but PC games are some of my favorites. I've spent hours on Witcher 3, but I'm nowhere near confident enough in my playing skills to stream. Nobody needs to see me die in the tutorial!

I am learning more about my gender every day, but consider myself a non-binaryish woman (she/they) who is pansexual and polyamorous, active in the BDSM scene, and enjoys exploring different fantasies. I can easily switch between being your submissive little kitten to a dominating minx in a heartbeat. Though I do have a few limits, I cater to a wide variety of kinks and fetishes. Whatever you are looking for, I would love to make your online experience with me unforgettable. Head over to my contact page to get in touch!

You'll find as you browse that I enjoy being naked on the internet and many other places as well! The best place to find my top-notch photos and videos is my OnlyFans; I try to post on there as much as I can! If you prefer full-length clips, you can find tons on my ManyVids store, along with my Snapchat, panties, or stickers. I got my biggest career boosts on Chaturbate a few years ago, and am seriously considering a comeback. Although I spend more time on Twitter and Instagram, I occasionally share on Reddit too! On this website you can find personal photos, subscriptions, and more. If you're looking for something specific, custom requests are welcomed and encouraged! Note that all services rendered are online only - no meet-ups or interaction in person.

I really look forward to getting to know you, and hope to hear from you soon! xx